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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Root 66 #8 Pat's Peak

We spent the weekend in VT and decided to drive over to NH to race Root 66 number 8- Pats Peak XC.  The pre-reg was really low (3 racers) for Cat 2 but the hilly terrain sounded like a good workout and its always fun to checkout new venues.

Anticipating typical ski resort terrain I planned on lots of climbing with few technical spots.  I was wrong and realized it very quickly.  Rocks/mud and twisty'ness made up most of the first climb and I found myself pushing/carrying my bike through much of it.  The climbing was there but never made me feel like I was suffering.  There was one flowy section up high but it was short.  This was followed by a fast descent that had some "exciting" sections.  The trails were pretty good but could use some more flow.

With our trip to Italy on the horizon I choose to ride very conservatively.  Sean Daley took the holeshot and was running great until his rear derail. exploded into his wheel… Total bummer but he did finish (with points) by rigging a single speed/ running sections.  Kudos man- I would have been drinking beer heckling my competitors at that point.

After Sean's mechanical I wasn't sure what pace to keep but grabbed a wheel of a younger rider from VT and rode the rest of the course.  He was super smooth through most of the trail and a pleasure to follow.  I crossed the finish line in an hour and twenty six minutes for 1st place.

Thanks for the beautiful day Pats Peak!  Now we are off to Italia!  Arrivederci!

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