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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wow- did that just happen?!!

Who knew that such a weekend would unravel?!

To start Katie's Birthday weekend off proper- we headed to New Haven for some delicious mexican food with Dad, Pat, Evan, Dave and Cheryl.  After dinner and margaritas we headed to Cafe Nine to see Frank Fairfield play music.

We all fell in love with Frank the previous year at Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival and were so very excited to hear him play tonight.  He plays fiddle, banjo, guitar and probably any other instrument he is handed.  Most of the music is considered folk or old-timey but much of the inspiration Frank draws is from a deeper place.

Just outside of the club we saw Frank in his tightly buttoned shirt and high waisted pants walking the streets.  I went up and introduced myself and told him how excited we all were to hear him play.  We chatted awhile about nothing in particular and then headed into the venue with Frank.

"Sold out- sorry.  No more folks allowed in" we could barely hear over all the street chatter.  Uh Oh- Dad, Pat and Evan didn't get tickets prior.  Frank saw this and talked to the Doorman and we were all invited in.  Amazing.

Once inside the crowded bar/club we chatted with Frank some more and I bought an album from him.  Within the next 30 minutes he was onstage and sawing on his strings.  Although it was great to see and hear Frank, the venue had horrible sound and it was difficult to stay focused.

His set ended and in classic form he bowed holding all his instruments and backed out the nearest door- never to be seen again... at least not in the bar.

We watched the next band for awhile and then headed out.  Once in the car, my Dad said, I gave him  our address and offered him a place to stay- I think he is coming over tonight.  You guys should come over for breakfast tomorrow.  No problem- we'll be there!  

What followed for the next day or so is hard to explain if you weren't there...  But I can say Frank is a gentleman with the aura of an old soul and the intellect to match. Discussing music and playing music with him created some of the most visceral experiences I've had with this artistic medium and I think anyone that was with us for these days would agree.

Thank you Frank.  Please be sure to visit again!