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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Smith Rock OR

Took the 12+ hour drive to Terrebonne, OR, endured a cold rain and snow open bivy on the way and spent 4ish days climbing amazing trad and sport climbs on the unique volcanic tuff.  here are some photos!  
Toby leading pitch 1 of Spiderman 5.7

There are two "monkey faces" in this photo... can ya spot em?

Katie cruising pitch 1 of Spiderman 5.7... Pitch two is looming in the background. 

JB on pitch 2 of Spiderman

JB leading Cosmos 5.10a, in the afternoon light

JB Low on Cosmos 5.10a

Stick Clip!

Katie climbing Temptation 5.10a

Katie high on Temptation 5.10a

"The real deal Neil"

Toby loving life on 5 Gallon bucket 5.8

Super fun climb... Steep with HUGE holds.
Toby above the Crooked River in Smith Rock

Toby leading Calamity Jam 5.10c

Toby scoping Pack Animal Direct 5.10b

JB leading the beautiful Moonshine Dihedral 5.9

JB following the classic Karate Crack 5.10a