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Monday, September 28, 2009

Round The Block

Sorry no photos!  Too much lycra involved in this event for photos.  

Anywyas, Katie and I rode "round the block" (click link for map) Saturday-  Its a bicycle ride that usually goes from Jackson > Victor > Swan Valley>  Alpine > Jackson.  We started around 9am at Katies house in Wilson.  It goes over two passes ( teton pass, and pine creek pass) and the ride from Swan Valley to Alpine has some steep long climbs.... It worked out to be about a 113 mile loop for us.

It was a beautiful day; no flat tires, a cool morning and warm afternoon- with no brutal headwinds to speak of.   Total saddle time was a bit over 7 hours for me!  Not bad for my first century ride!  

Great ride!  Would definately do it again!   

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