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Monday, August 3, 2009

Katie's Birthday-- Grand Teton

Weather forecast looked good so I decided to take Katie up the Grand Teton for her birthday.  Our plan was to hike to the Middle Teton Glacial moraine after work on Friday;  set up camp; then wake around 3am and climb the Exum Ridge 5.5.  Our plan was working perfectly until an unusual NW Flow put this pesky cloud on the summit of the Grand.  Rather than a sunny climb it turned out to be cloudy and cold.  The 
view was ruined and the outlook was a bit grim.  We climbed to about 12,500'ish feet and then down climbed and retreated.   All in all it was a good effort but the weather just wasn't cooperating... And Katie still got chocolate covered hamburgers for her birthday.  

Headed down. 

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